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For over 25 years the team of professionals at Synergy Tiling have been overseeing and completing tile installation and waterproofing throughout homes and businesses across Melbourne’s metropolitan area. Having worked in a number of different environments we have the knowledge and the experience to complete lasting tile repairs in and around Melbourne’s metropolitan region.

Available at competitive prices, our tiling solutions are personalised to suit the particular needs, requirements, and desires of our customers. Using environmentally-sound application methods and techniques we can complete tiling projects of varying sizes without a drop in the level of quality. Whether you are looking to complete tiling in your kitchen or bathroom, or you want to transform the condition and visual appearance of the interior of your property, you can enjoy and benefit from our detailed solutions.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean Thanks to Synergy Tiling

Kitchen Tile Flooring Melbourne

As a part of our comprehensive range of tiling, renovation, repair, and restoration services the team at Synergy can conduct:

  • Complete and Personalised Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations Both Big and Small
  • Colourful and Expressive Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Weather-resistant Balcony Tiling
  • Application of Waterproofing Coatings
  • Seamless Sealing Between Tiles
  • Quick-Setting Silicone Installation
  • High-density and Durable Screeding
  • Even and Accurate Floor Levelling
  • High Pressure Cleaning for all surfaces
  • Expertly-mixed grouting
  • Comprehensive Re-Grouting
  • Replacing Cracked and Broken Tiles
  • Removing and Restoring Old Tiles

No matter your bathroom or kitchen tile flooring needs, Melbourne domestic and commercial residents can trust the team at Synergy Tiling to ensure that their tiling is completed on time and budget. Call us on 0411 322 588 to speak directly to one of our passionate and renowned tiling experts.


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